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Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO has been our business before the term SEO was even penned. created New Jersey LawSite back in 1996, a place where internet users could find New Jersey Lawyers. From there it was only natural to design and market the websites of our members. has been a leading provider of TOP search engine optimization and law firm SEO internet marketing services for 16 years running.

With years of law firm SEO experience, we know what works and what doesn't.  We don't use a magical formula, but a compilation of strategies that we've proven over and over again deliver TOP organic search engine positions to lawyers. They include all of the following:

  • SEO - Organic SEO is the backbone of any successful internet marketing plan. We have been delivering top organic positions to our clients with our SEO since 1996.

  • Google Places - In addition to Google's 'down the center' organic positions, they have added mapped local positions if you search for a geographical keyword or phrase.

  • Incoming Links - Incoming links let the search engines know that you are a site that others want to link to. They act as a vote for your site which the search engines, especially Google, love to see.

  • Social Media - Social media is a must to integrate into your SEO internet marketing. FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging and YouTube. Each has its important role in boosting your SEO.

  • Video rankings - Video at your website and YouTube lets your users catch a glimpse of you so they know who they'll be dealing with. When you couple that with our video distribution which gets your video ranked at sites like YouTube and Google Video search, you've got double the bang for your buck.

At you're not just a number that gets lost in the crowd. CEO, Donna Krstec personally manages all law firm SEO accounts. Since 1996 our focus remains on:

  • Law firm SEO;

  • Law firm internet marketing;

  • Law firm blogs;

  • Law Firms and social media.

Offices are maintained both in New Jersey and Phoenix, AZ

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