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10 Reasons Why you Need in Charge of your LawFirm's Marketing

  1. We've been marketing websites for New Jersey lawyers since 1996. After 16 years we know what works, what doesn't and have our strategy down pat on how to keep you at the TOP.

  2. We are owners of New Jersey Lawsite - an online Directory of New Jersey Lawyers which was created in November of 1996. That December we found ourselves in the #1 position at Yahoo (the Google of its day) and to this day remain in the Top 5 of all search engines including Google for 'new jersey lawyers' and similar keywords.

  3. My experience before Internet Marketing was as a secretary in Law Firms. First as a word processor (how's that term for a blast from the past!) then as a Legal Assistant. I know the inner workings of law firms -- what makes them tick, their strengths, weaknesses and their needs. We also understand the need for sensitivity when it comes to any kind of marketing for lawyers -- whether it be online or traditional.

  4. When we first opened the doors at in '96, our intent was to be a web design company. We were innovative enough to realize how important the search engines were for the success of our clients' websites and totally changed the direction of our company's goal. That also caused us to begin designing sites with SEO in mind first.

  5. We have your best interests at heart. You don't pay through the nose to cover our high rent or bureaucratic salaries. The team members are SEO Superstars who work independently under my strict guidelines.

  6. We get results. Its quite common for our lawyer clients to be in the Top 10 at Google for their keyword as well as in the other engines. See testimonials of satisfied clients.

  7. We don't stand still in the SEO internet marketing world that swirls around us and changes at breakneck speed. Once we achieve top organic rankings we know what else needs to be done to further boost a site's rankings. Social media marketing and web video. We've got you covered on both.

  8. We're not an internet marketing corporate giant where you're just a number that gets lost in the crowd -- we are a tight-knit Team that tracks your progress and you will be dealing directly with me, the owner to insure the success of your marketing strategy.

  9. Are we the gatekeeper of our SEO secrets? Heck no! You will have access to our Articles and SEO Blogs which keep you informed on the ever-changing whims of search engine trends, on how social networking affects SEO and the latest on take-overs, shake-downs and all the Google buzz. We also conduct SEO Social Media BootCamps For Lawyers. Our best clients are our most informed ones.

  10. We're still here! Despite the recent recession we continued to grow -- now that counts for something.


At when your law firm succeeds . . . WE SUCCEED!  

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