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With literally hundreds of law firm SEO and law firm marketing companies online today, why choose Simple. Since 1996 our SEO marketing team has been consistently sending our lawyer clients to the TOP of the search engines. We have one goal in mind — your success!

But more importantly, we keep growing our services as they become available and to accommodate law firms who are serious about their marketing strategy. Yes, our game plan started with our  smart SEO marketing,  but now with the advancement of the Social world, we have the fuel needed to boost your law firm’s SEO even further. It’s this SEO/Social Media intense strategy that gets you indexed in the search engines and KEEPS YOU THERE.

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Tier 1 – Law Firm SEO/Social Media

Law Firm SEO has been our business before the term SEO was even penned. was founded in 1996, first as web designers. We then quickly became aware of how important the search engines were. From that point on we trained in search engine marketing and became a leader in our field. In 2005 we took a giant leap forward by adding the benefits of Social Media to our winning SEO. We’ve proven that it is, hands down, the quickest way to become indexed with the search engines and stay there. Preview all of its inclusions here.

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Tier 2 – Custom Marketing Strategy

Looking for something even a little more powerful? Then we’d love to create a custom strategy for you to ensure that potential clients can find you no matter where they look. With Tier 1 our SEO gets the ball rolling and Social Media punches it up a notch by integrating FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and on-site blogging. But if you’re ready to really kick it into HIGH GEAR, why not add video and/or podcast distribution as well? Click here if you’re ready for a SERIOUS marketing strategy.

OR…Does Your Existing Marketing Strategy Need Help?

One of the biggest problems law firms come to us with is this:

  • They have a website that they’re happy with;
  • They’ve paid a marketing firm to get the ball rolling, and they may have even seen some initial movement;
  • HOWEVER, their growth is now stuck in neutral and they’re not interested in continuing to pay thousands per month to stay that way.

At we hear you and are doing something about it. We have a SOLUTION that will surely reignite your marketing strategy upward.

How to Reignite Your SEO Marketing Strategy:

  1. First we evaluate your site and the strategy you already have in place. Then we discuss where you feel your marketing is falling short. We may very well uncover that you’re lacking some fundamental SEO basics. WE CAN HELP WITH THAT.
  2. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as replacing outdated content or adding new quality content…such as a landing page, blog, article or description snippet to a social profile. WE CAN HELP WITH THAT.
  3. You may even discover you’re ready to go beyond the SEO essentials with a customized strategy by bringing your expertise to the video/audio spectrum with a YouTube Channel or a Podcast. WE CAN HELP WITH THAT.

At we are experienced in correcting a strategy that may not be working for you and add components that will reignite it. Contact us about our SEO reignition.

Popular SEO Social Media FAQs for Lawyers
  • Q: How long will it take to see SEO results for my law firm?
    A: It really depends on where you are when you first come to us. I’ve seen a new page added to an existing site that will show up within a week. If you are a brand new site on the web, seeing results will take longer. We estimate a 3-6 month period for a new site to see positive results. We strongly suggest you continue working with us if you wish your positions to climb, maintain and to garner additional ones.
  • Q: Why is SEO for law firms important?
    A: Because when a strategy is properly executed, it yields targeted traffic to your site, thereby increasing your contacts. And the bottom line for any marketing plan is to get prospective clients to contact you.
  • Q: How does law firm SEO and Social Media work together?
    A: By what we call the ‘ping-pong’ effect. Imagine that you just wrote a killer article on your practice area and put it on your website. Or maybe it was an important and timely blog that you want everyone to know about. Now what’s the best way to tell the world about that article or blog? By posting about it on all of your social outlets. That will urge your followers to go to your site and read the article or blog in full. It has the same effect when used in reverse. When readers go back and forth like this, it (1) ups your overall traffic, (2) promotes your brand and (3) encourages them to contact you.
  • Q: Would you consider a video or podcast as part of Social Media?
    A: Since social media is any digital tool that allows users to quickly create and share content with the public, yes we would. We can include their distribution with a customized strategy that fits your firm’s marketing needs.

These are the strategies we’ve been using for years … they bring you to the top of the search engines and KEEP YOU THERE.

See more Answers to SEO Questions here.

By following SEO’s growth curve, we harness ALL the Web has to offer…For Your Success!

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