Hard to believe but yes, we’ve been busy with lawyer SEO internet marketing since 1996 and just celebrated 23 years this October. Although we started out as web designers, it quickly became clear that if we wanted to survive in this business we needed to pay particular attention to how the search engines ranked a site. Our main concern at the time was getting our client sites ranked in the only search engine that really mattered — Yahoo. Ya-Who you ask? LOL Yes, believe it or not Google had not even yet appeared on the scene.

Needless to say much has happened in those 23 years.

  • Yahoo and AOL have quietly sank into obscurity;
  • Google has turned itself into a verb;
  • YouTube has turned video on its head;
  • Social Media has changed the way our society communicates;
  • All of the above are integral working parts of the beast we now call internet marketing.

It has been our pleasure and honor to remain inside this internet marketing loop and continue serving clients with TOP search engine positions and growing their businesses by harnessing everything the internet has to offer our clients.
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