As internet marketers, for us its all about testing, testing and then testing again. How else would we know which way to guide our clients? After spending the past 6 years using social media and testing how it can positively affect your search engine positions, we’ve hit pay dirt.

OK, I can almost hear you already —
I don’t have time to tweet!
What good can FaceBook possibly do for my business?
Lawyers have to be careful about what we say publicly when marketing.

Yes, each one of the above is a valid point and I totally agree with you on every one… which brings me back to my 6 years of research. We’ve found that by being active on all forms of social media which link back to you — the search engines will reward you beyond measure. We know exactly which ones count most and how often you have to make posts, all while being aware of the Rules of Professional Conduct that govern lawyers. We even tied it all up in a tidy package for you so you don’t have to do any of the work. Well, almost none of the work — all you have to do is blog about your practice area. But you’re the expert right? So that should be a breeze.

So what’s next? Follow this link where we’ve spelled everything out for you in our SEO Social Media BootCamp for Lawyers,which we’ve made available via Video-on-Demand for your convenience.
Hope to see you at the TOP!