Today I’d like to revisit some ‘Back to Basics’ SEO tactics for law firms.

Rule #1 — stop trying so hard.

Lately everyone and their mother is doing all they can to make the search engines happy with their site by employing the latest SEO fix or trying to figure out google’s most recent algorithm. Leave that up to us — the professionals.

FIRST, please be more concerned with supplying content that will be of interest to your prospective client.  Here’s a perfect example…Joe Bankruptcy Lawyer understands that his prospective clients are (1) looking for some quick answers to their questions and (2) want to be able to quickly link to hot topics concerning bankruptcy. So that’s exactly what users should be met with at his homepage.

So instead of spinning your wheels trying to figure out algorithms or keywords, do what you do best — informing prospective clients in need what you offer and how you can get them out of trouble.
Like we said…the basics 🙂

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