Has Law Firm SEO seen its day? Has internet marketing for the law firm exhausted its boundaries? Not when you continue growing with SEO and staying on top of internet marketing trends!

Yes, by standing still after your firm has implemented all of the SEO basics to your site, you WILL become disillusioned by SEO. The search engines WILL pass you by, and yes they may even DROP you from their index! But you can avoid this from happening. How? Its time for another trusty checklist:

  1. Continue adding fresh content to your site. (Think articles, new pages on law updates, a blogging area, etc.) With all of the sites the search engines are bombarded with, it just makes sense that they’ll pay attention to the ones with the most up-to-date content. The last thing they want to do is send their customers to stale, outdated content;
  2. Always be on the look-out for incoming link opportunities. Incoming links are perceived as ‘votes’ by the search engines. If others think you’re worth a link — especially sites that are similar in nature to yours — so will the engines;
  3. Keep up with the times. Search engines are very interested in sites involved with social media — that includes FaceBook for Business, Twitter and LinkedIn. Show them that your firm is actively engaged in these platforms by sending followers to your fresh, relative content;
  4. Give potential clients a glimpse of who they will be working with. Video is just the ticket for this. Even if your budget doesn’t allow to have it professionally done, uploading your own vids to YouTube with your phone, then embed them to your site.
  5. Don’t have the time, know-how or patience for any of the above? Well…that’s what we’re here for. Our SEO internet marketing for law firms includes:
  • SEO Basics.
  • Incoming links from our own network of sites.
  • Social Media for better SEO.
  • Video/podcast marketing.
  • Budget-friendly pricing.
  • 23 years experience.
  • Outstanding customer service.

Join us when you’re ready to go straight to the TOP as we harness everything the internet has to offer law firms on the Web!