Many potential clients contact me for lawyer SEO and are only concerned with their meta tags. Yes, while we still pay attention to a site’s meta tags, they are just a small piece of the SEO puzzle which makes for a good marketing strategy. With the increasing popularity of law blogs and social media sites, SEO has taken on a new meaning, one every Law Firm needs to pay attention to.

Due to popular demand we have implemented our newest program — SEO Social Media for law firms. It harnesses everything the internet has to offer and is intense. It includes:

  • Our Basic Law Firm SEO;
  • Spotlight Post at one of our Law Blogs;
  • Blogging from your own site;
  • Your videos uploaded to YouTube Channel;
  • SEO added to the video;
  • Every quarter we embed one of your YouTube videos to your website;
  • Monthly Analytic Reports which track your website’s traffic;
  • A business profile to LinkedIn, Twitter & FaceBook;
  • Postings to all of your Social Media profiles;
  • 1 industry-specific Article per month uploaded to your site;