Lawyer social media. Aah…love it or hate it, you’ve gotta embrace it if you want to keep your SEO alive. The search engines have always loved fresh content and incoming links. With social media you can have both!

First, make sure all of your social media accounts link back to your site from all of your profiles. Remember those tried and true SEO basics now. Amass as many friends or groups as possible to keep movement going.

Second, and most important, make sure you blog or tweet on a continuous basis. Just setting up a Blog or Twitter account that links to your site and posting a blurb once a month is not enough . Let’s remember the purpose of true blogging. That being, you are an established expert in your field and the internet community wants to know what you have to say. Say something of value every day if you tweet, and aim for once a week if you blog. Be sure to keep it timely — no one is interested in reading an old recycled case or Statute posted on a blog — it just doesn’t belong there. And don’t forget to link back to your site while you blog/tweet. Any opportunity for an incoming link is a golden one.

Following these very simple rules will do wonders for your lawyer social media. Need help getting started? Simply contact us to discuss a custom strategy for your law firm.