Do you need a successful lawyer SEO strategy?

OK, so lately I’ve been spending a lot of time getting everyone on board with social media. Its an important piece that needs to be added to your SEO marketing strategy. But just in case I haven’t made this perfectly clear, let me say it again, basic SEO should ALWAYS come first.

The whole point of social media as part of SEO is to please the search engines by directing lots of fresh links to your site. BUT, if the search engines don’t like your site in the first place, using social media alone will be a real uphill battle — one that will often be lost. See our past post on Basic SEO 101 to make sure you’ve got the essentials down. Once your site is established and the search engines are paying attention to it, social media will only enhance that relationship and boost your positions. Think of it as eHarmony for your site and the search engines 🙂

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