For lawyer SEO, using video is a great way to boost search engine rankings. And you also get the benefit of potential clients viewing your video and having the ability to then link to your site! Here’s how it works.

When users perform a search at YouTube they’re met with videos to choose from. As they play the video there is also a snippet or bio underneath which contains, you guessed it, a link to your website. We all know how Google loves incoming links so you have not only provided users with a chance to view your informative video, but you’ve also made Google happy with yet another incoming link to your site (not to mention that Google owns YouTube). When you make Google happy they reward your site with higher rankings. Its a win-win any way you look at it.

Need help embedding your YouTube videos to your site and making Google even happier? This is just a tiny part of our Tier 2 lawyer SEO marketing strategy.

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