Our lawyer SEO tip of the day seems very simple but is often overlooked. Why? Because most law firms looking to rank well with the search engines get caught up in designing their site to appease the search engines and not their users.

Always keep in mind to design your website for your end user (potential clients) and NOT for the search engines. This serves 2 purposes:

  1. Search gets smarter and smarter with each passing month. The engines now realize what your user needs and they will send you traffic if, and only if, the site fills those needs. (Meaning that the site is updated frequently with fresh content and has user friendly navigation.)
  2. Once a user makes it to your site the goal is to keep them there and eventually contact you. Making sure your content is targeted to their needs and and up to date is the best way of doing that. The number of hits your site gets means nothing if no one contacts you.

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