Lawyer SEO Using Video

Are you interested in lawyer SEO and looking for new and different ways to use video?

lawyer seo video marketingIf so, why not try using a different format for your site’s video instead of the same old boring video profile. We’re talking about video FAQs.

While you may be thinking that we’re suggesting a daunting task, nothing can be further. Gone are the days you’d have to go to a professional videographer for such a finished product. If you can use your phone, you can produce your own video FAQs and leave the rest to us. We can take it from there. We’ve been using this SEO technique for years and it works!

  1. It lets your potential clients get to know you. But instead of watching an introduction video, they actually get to see you answering a valid question;
  2. It’s just an updated way of showing your users you care enough to put the time into making videos to answer their questions;
  3. Most importantly, the way we deploy our question/answer layout gives you an opportunity for additional page content, which the search engines love.

At our lawyer SEO never stands still and gets stale — it hasn’t for the past 23 years. That’s why we’re still here. We’re always finding new ways to use our SEO marketing techniques to actually attract and engage users. That’s the fine line we’ve been walking since 1996. Appease the engines…and appease the potential client.