Podcast Marketing for Law Firms – Our Newest Service

Is your law firm ready for podcast marketing?

law firm podcast marketingIt’s our newest service and already successfully garnering top organic positions for our clients. At AJIS.com we’re always finding new ways to make your site interesting and relevant, as well as appeasing the search engines. It is after all, a fine line you need to walk to to make both the search engines and your users interested in what you have to say at your site.

What better way to draw them in than via a podcast of you sharing your expertise on a particular practice area? In addition to adding interest to your site for its users, it also gives us ammunition for additional page content so the search engines take notice as well. We’ve been using techniques such as this for 20+ years now. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our testimonials and then contact us for your custom digital marketing solution.

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