How To Market Your Law Firm – Part 1

Top Law Firm Marketing Strategies

  • Content is King. I hope you’re not sick of hearing me say this (I’ve been doing it for 20+ years) but it still holds true. Good quality content is absolutely essential for your website to grab the attention of the search engines as well as your end user. It’s really the best way to have the search engines place you at the top because, remember, their only goal is to send searchers to the best quality content in response to their query.
  • Geo-targeting. This is especially important for lawyers since you are geographically held to the Bars you belong to.  It also lessens the competition pool. So, by all means make it easier for those in your town/state to find you. It’s also important to market by county since Complaints show the county court your matter will be held in.
  • Practice Area Targeting. It only makes sense to target searchers who are interested in the practice area(s) you focus on. This is where you can really shine. Write blogs, articles or even your own page content on what you know best!
  • Prioritize responding to email contacts. Since this is your marketing’s end prize, make sure you treat it as such. A quick response also lets your proposed client know that you will be responsive to their needs if hired.
  • Use Video to Boost SEO. It’s not enough to post videos on YouTube and hope viewers will click to your site. Embedding the videos from YouTube onto your web pages will not only make the page more enticing, but will also grab the attention of Google. It’s a win-win.

If you need law firm SEO marketing, look no further. We’ve been sending law firms to the top of the search engines since 1996. Contact us now for a custom marketing strategy.

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