How To Market Your Law Firm – Part 2

  • Plenty of Content. It’s not enough to just have quality content, but you’ve got to have plenty of it. When it comes to good content, more is always better. But don’t think a bunch of boring pages will fit the bill. Think pages, articles, blogs and even podcasts.
  • Try PPC advertising to start. As organic SEO providers we do not typically use AdWords; however if you’re just starting out, organic positions take time. If you’re in a hurry for visitors, try testing AdWords in the beginning. If you properly follow all good marketing strategies, the organic positions will start showing up and you won’t need to waste your money on them for long.
  • Invest in good SEO. Good SEO = organic positions…it’s that simple.
  • Reviews. In today’s lifestyle, reviews are where it’s at. I’d never even imagine trying a restaurant for the first time without first checking their online reviews. The kind of experience others have had really does matter. Same goes when hiring a law firm.

We hope our tips to market your law firm have helped. If you need law firm SEO marketing, look no further. We’ve been sending law firms to the top of the search engines since 1996. Contact us now for a custom marketing strategy.

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