Run From Cheap Law Firm SEO?

Yes, it’s a given that everyone says you should run from cheap law firm SEO. But hold on just a second. While you should certainly run from the ‘cheap’ stuff, can Law Firm SEO actually be affordable?
Well, first let’s distinguish between ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’.


  • We get you into 3,000 search engines for $25 ->Run
  • We promise you #1 on Google for $100 ->Run
  • Back-links to your site from our LinkFarms -> Run Fast!


  • Our low overhead allows us to pass savings on to you -> Hmmm, tell me more.
  • We can educate if you’d like to do it yourself -> Makes sense, go on.
  • We create custom marketing strategies to fit your budget -> Sign me up!

So you see, while you should run from the cheap stuff, you might consider embracing the affordable. (It’s the big expensive SEO companies that say to run from cheap SEO anyway lol)  So why not let our 24 years of law firm SEO marketing experience get you out of the gate at affordable rates?

If this is a strategy that interests you, contact us for all of the details.

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