Law Graduate Jobs – What are You Doing During COVID?

With our ‘new normal’ the COVID 19 has brought us, recent law graduates are finding that they can actually practice law before taking the Bar exam in some states. Wisconsin, Utah, Washington, and most recently Oregon are allowing in-state graduates to bypass the bar exams, while Minnesota is considering the option. Diploma privilege campaigns are also springing up over the past several weeks in Florida as well as Georgia, Texas, New York, Oregon, and elsewhere. Who knows where this will go. reports that some jobs for incoming associates at law firms have seen their start dates deferred until early 2021. This is what suggests to law graduates as #1 on their list of what to do during this unprecedented time: “Apply for federal, state and local relief efforts available to you. Well, thank you for that temporary solution.

If you were planning to strike out on your own, or maybe now feel you’re now forced to, we may have a solution. During times like these, you may be willing to do some DIY to get your career started. While we offer strategies that can add up to thousands per month, we are also offering an affordable route to recent law graduates who are finding themselves in this conundrum.  So why not let our 24 years of law firm SEO marketing experience get you out of the gate?

If this is a strategy that interests you — or may even excite you — contact us for all of the details. At $149/mo. you just can’t go wrong!


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