Are You Ready to Add a Podcast to your Digital Marketing?

So you think you’re ready to host a podcast? Fantastic. We’ve seen client podcasts bring in lots of additional traffic. But before you jump in, consider a few things that will be expected of you and your podcast for it to be successful.

  1. There will be work involved on your part. Either you or an associate of yours will have to physically appear in it…whether it be just speaking on chosen topics or interviewing guests. If you don’t have time, you can always make the podcast part of a trusted employee’s job, but to keep it real it’s always best to have the expert behind the mike.
  2. The actual production. If you’re the DIY type, you can easily do it with a computer microphone and basic software that’s already on your computer. After that you’ll need to upload it to a podcast hosting site, such as iTunes/Google Play/Spotify.
  3. Do your homework for each episode. Whether that means solving a problem for your listeners on a particular subject or researching an upcoming guest’s background, you’ve got to be prepared in order to engage your listener. Really think about what you want the end result to be when they’ve finished.
  4. Reach your audience. Hosting a podcast is one thing but getting it out there is quite another. Start by placing links to your podcast on your social media profiles, newsletters, website and make it part of your email signature. I like to post a ‘teaser’ snippet before the link to make them curious enough to click.
  5. Keep your audience excited. There’s nothing worse than a boring podcast and believe me, your listeners will click out of it sooner than you can imagine if they start yawning. Everyone’s time is valuable so you’ve got to make it worth theirs. Begin it with and intersperse throughout some uplifting catchy music and, for goodness sake, actually be excited about what you’re saying. There are too many legal podcasts out there that are real snooze-fests. Your enthusiasm is really the ‘make or break’ aspect of a good podcast.

Interested in adding a podcast to your marketing strategy the EZ way? Hire us to make it part of your custom marketing strategy. This way you always can be sure of consistent quality and won’t have to spend your time and energy learning a new set of skills.

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