How A Crisis Can Drive Growth

As negative as the word ‘crisis’ may sound, I think it can actually serve as a propellant when it comes to your business goals. How?

What might be considered the exact opposite of crisis? Comfort. And we all know that comfort can bring complacency…which in a business can all too often lead to a slow death.

When I think of crisis in 2020 so many things come to mind…pandemic, social unrest, loss of employment, shut-downs. I mean, I can go on and on but I think you get the picture.  Many of us in business were forced to get way out of our comfort zones. Some upped their marketing, some re-directed it, some quickly added to their normal services. Everyone went into business survival mode, whatever that meant for them. Talk about crisis — it was a worldwide shake-up! Hopefully 2021 won’t bring us as much “opportunity”, but one can only hope and pray.

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So when crisis finds its way into your daily grind, it may actually be a good thing for growth. Try not to fear it when it comes your way. Instead, welcome it as a bump in the road that causes your team to put their heads together, re-group and come up with ideas that may have otherwise been left lying dormant. You might be surprised at how a crisis can actually be a blessing in disguise for some unexpected growth.