In 2020 Content is STILL King

During a time when business strategies are changing at breakneck speed, I find it so odd that I’m still saying something I’ve been saying as a web marketer for almost 20  years now… CONTENT IS KING. Back when I started out this was true and it holds true today, even more so. In the days of Yahoo being the go-to engine of its time, having good quality content almost insured you a Top 5 rank at page 1. But now in 2020, the quality of your content can mean the difference between a top rank in Google to not being found at all! Everyone is spewing content out like there’s no tomorrow and believe me, Google is still paying attention to its quality. Search engines are now smart and know the difference between a long-winded article without any substance and a well written, comprehensive one.

We’ve formed a short list to follow to produce great quality content that attracts clients and grabs the attention of the search engines:

1. Be sure your content is accurate and true.

There is way too much misinformation online today, which means that you’ve got to research things you’re not sure about, double-check any stated facts and only use trusted sources. Yes, it takes time but remember that you are only interested in putting out quality not average content. (Become familiar with using resources like FactCheck if you’re ever unsure of the truth of something you state.)

2. Be comprehensive.

Why does Google love comprehensive content? Because readers do. Don’t mistake ‘comprehensive’ to mean a super long piece. It means that it’s only long enough to completely cover your topic. My main point here being that when someone clicks onto your page you don’t want them to go back to search for more results. Make the content that completely covers what they were searching for. Again, this may take some time, but once you brought them to your site you don’t want to lose them.

3. Be engaging.

Whenever I write I try my best not to bore my readers to death…there is way too much of that out there. It’s OK to let your personality come out in your writing, especially in a Blog. You don’t have to be Cedrick the entertainer but you do have to keep your readers engaged enough to make it all the way through the content. (Did you catch what I just did there?)
Here’s a few more pointers on how to make it easier for them to like it:

  • Use bullets instead of long-winded sentences (like right here).
  • Use sub-headings. This way your reader can elect to skip down to parts they’re interested in.
  • Don’t be afraid to use photos and videos, especially if something might need to be illustrated for better understanding.

4. Titles matter.

Look at the title of this blog. It’s a straight forward statement that I make with certainty and I show you how to achieve it… with easy to follow headings and bullet points. In other words, it’s actionable and you can easily apply it right away.

It even states the year it’s written to tell you that the information is timely and not something outdated. I’ll sometimes even go back to old articles and blogs of mine and update a thing or two to make them more relevant for right now. Yes, there I said it — it’s totally fine to go back to old content and bring it up to date and boost its quality.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to make your content really matter and bring in focused traffic.
You say you’re not a good writer? No problem, creating quality content is one of the services we offer.