How to Use Google’s ‘People Ask’ for your SEO

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People also ask… DIVORCE:
How much does it cost to retain a divorce attorney?
How can I afford a divorce lawyer?
Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?
How do I keep a divorce lawyer with no money?

People also ask… CRIMINAL:
What does the criminal lawyer do?
What are the two main types of lawyers?
What skills are needed to be a criminal defense lawyer?
Who is the best criminal lawyer in the world?

People also ask… BANKRUPTCY:

People also ask… PERSONAL INJURY
Is it worth getting a personal injury lawyer?
What percentage do personal injury attorneys get?
What is considered to be a personal injury?
What does a personal injury lawyer handle?

Podcast Marketing for Law Firms – or How To Become an Influencer Not a Follower

The year of 2020 was really the year of the Podcast. Whether it was because we were cooped up for so long or we simply just couldn’t put our phones down, listening to our favorite influencers became part of our daily rituals. So if the masses are that info hungry, why not establish yourself as the influencer instead of the follower?

Yes, actually starting your own podcast can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be when you let us take the reigns. We take the headache out of it for you. We’ve been solving marketing problems for lawyers since 1996 and continue to do so with our newest digital podcast service.

Our EZ solution to starting your own law firm podcast:

  • First we schedule a conference where we guide you through the first steps of what you want to share, who your audience will be, what format you’ll follow and how frequently you’ll be casting. Since we conduct our own podcast and have assisted others in theirs, you’ll have someone experienced in podcasting to lead you through the process.
  • Next we handle the all of the tech and marketing steps, which we find are the most difficult ones facing law firms. A member of the AJIS team is a fully mobile podcast studio that we’ve worked closely with to develop an EZ packaged digital strategy. This strategy covers it all for you. From editing and hosting, to publishing and marketing.
  • There are 3 options for you to choose from. It all depends on how committed to a podcast you want to be. If you don’t see the one you’re interested in, we’re always open to customizing a solution for you. We’re used to that — it’s what we’ve been doing for 20+ years.

So with AJIS, creating a podcast doesn’t have to be difficult at all. All you need is a phone or laptop…and an idea.

Contact us for a discussion on choosing the right podcast solution for your firm.

In 2020 Content is STILL King

During a time when business strategies are changing at breakneck speed, I find it so odd that I’m still saying something I’ve been saying as a web marketer for almost 20  years now… CONTENT IS KING. Back when I started out this was true and it holds true today, even more so. In the days of Yahoo being the go-to engine of its time, having good quality content almost insured you a Top 5 rank at page 1. But now in 2020, the quality of your content can mean the difference between a top rank in Google to not being found at all! Everyone is spewing content out like there’s no tomorrow and believe me, Google is still paying attention to its quality. Search engines are now smart and know the difference between a long-winded article without any substance and a well written, comprehensive one.

We’ve formed a short list to follow to produce great quality content that attracts clients and grabs the attention of the search engines:

1. Be sure your content is accurate and true.

There is way too much misinformation online today, which means that you’ve got to research things you’re not sure about, double-check any stated facts and only use trusted sources. Yes, it takes time but remember that you are only interested in putting out quality not average content. (Become familiar with using resources like FactCheck if you’re ever unsure of the truth of something you state.)

2. Be comprehensive.

Why does Google love comprehensive content? Because readers do. Don’t mistake ‘comprehensive’ to mean a super long piece. It means that it’s only long enough to completely cover your topic. My main point here being that when someone clicks onto your page you don’t want them to go back to search for more results. Make the content that completely covers what they were searching for. Again, this may take some time, but once you brought them to your site you don’t want to lose them.

3. Be engaging.

Whenever I write I try my best not to bore my readers to death…there is way too much of that out there. It’s OK to let your personality come out in your writing, especially in a Blog. You don’t have to be Cedrick the entertainer but you do have to keep your readers engaged enough to make it all the way through the content. (Did you catch what I just did there?)
Here’s a few more pointers on how to make it easier for them to like it:

  • Use bullets instead of long-winded sentences (like right here).
  • Use sub-headings. This way your reader can elect to skip down to parts they’re interested in.
  • Don’t be afraid to use photos and videos, especially if something might need to be illustrated for better understanding.

4. Titles matter.

Look at the title of this blog. It’s a straight forward statement that I make with certainty and I show you how to achieve it… with easy to follow headings and bullet points. In other words, it’s actionable and you can easily apply it right away.

It even states the year it’s written to tell you that the information is timely and not something outdated. I’ll sometimes even go back to old articles and blogs of mine and update a thing or two to make them more relevant for right now. Yes, there I said it — it’s totally fine to go back to old content and bring it up to date and boost its quality.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to make your content really matter and bring in focused traffic.
You say you’re not a good writer? No problem, creating quality content is one of the services we offer.

How A Crisis Can Drive Growth

As negative as the word ‘crisis’ may sound, I think it can actually serve as a propellant when it comes to your business goals. How?

What might be considered the exact opposite of crisis? Comfort. And we all know that comfort can bring complacency…which in a business can all too often lead to a slow death.

When I think of crisis in 2020 so many things come to mind…pandemic, social unrest, loss of employment, shut-downs. I mean, I can go on and on but I think you get the picture.  Many of us in business were forced to get way out of our comfort zones. Some upped their marketing, some re-directed it, some quickly added to their normal services. Everyone went into business survival mode, whatever that meant for them. Talk about crisis — it was a worldwide shake-up! Hopefully 2021 won’t bring us as much “opportunity”, but one can only hope and pray.

law firm seo

So when crisis finds its way into your daily grind, it may actually be a good thing for growth. Try not to fear it when it comes your way. Instead, welcome it as a bump in the road that causes your team to put their heads together, re-group and come up with ideas that may have otherwise been left lying dormant. You might be surprised at how a crisis can actually be a blessing in disguise for some unexpected growth.


Choosing the Best Law Firm SEO Company

Choosing the best SEO marketing company for your law firm can be a daunting task…especially with the massive amount of companies calling themselves law firm marketers.

Here’s our list of what you should consider when shopping for your SEO company:

  • Don’t sign a long-term Contract. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a long-term agreement if you end up unhappy with the service and/or results you are getting. When starting out you should give it 4-6 months to see if you like working with them and if they are getting the results they promise. After that you should be able to go quarterly or even monthly. Yearly is just too long a commitment, unless of course you know you’re happy with them and you receive a discount with that yearly payment.
  • Get approvals. Make sure you are the one approving all postings and activity they make on your behalf. You’re the one being represented and should see everything that will be published.
  • Do they use WordPress. In our opinion this platform works the best with SEO strategies.
  • Ask where they get their back-links from. Back-links can be the most difficult part of a good SEO strategy. Make sure yours are safe and industry related.
  • Do they offer other marketing services to compliment their SEO. Nowadays basic SEO is just not enough to get you to the top of the search engines  and keep you there. Look for someone who offers the whole ball of digital law firm marketing wax for your firm.
  • Ask about their communication process. Find out how you can get in touch with them. This seems to be the biggest complaint of most law firms…they just can’t get their SEO company to respond to them.
  • Is their focus on law firms? If law firm SEO is not their specialty, your marketing won’t receive the focus it needs to compete with other law firms.
  • How much experience do they have. Yes, experience counts. Not only will it let you appreciate that they probably know what they’re doing, but you’ll also know they aren’t going anywhere soon.
    We have 24 years.
  • Get a referral. Nothing is more trustworthy than reviewing testimonials of colleagues in your industry on their experience with that company.

We could go on and on based on actual experiences that new clients come to us with on why they are leaving their current company. These are the ones we believe to be most important. Before you hire anyone make sure you ask questions, understand their workflow process and can actually get in touch with them in the future.

What is NAP and Why do You Need it in Your Overall Marketing Strategy?

NAP is an acronym for Name, Address and Phone number. Why is it important for your SEO? It’s what the search engines use in order to determine what sites to show for geo-targeted searches. Not only is NAP needed on your web site, but it should appear consistently the same across all of your online presence — that includes web, social and any online listings you may have. Having this consistency helps the search engines understand who you are, what you do, and how to direct users to find you.

Don’t confuse your users — or the search engines — on who you are and where you appear online. Think of it this way. You put a lot into your ‘branding’, right? So this is really the same thing. Make your NAP the branding for all of your online postings, whether on your site or perhaps on an article posted at another site. Search engines are smart and will connect all of your NAP dots.


Are You Ready to Add a Podcast to your Digital Marketing?

So you think you’re ready to host a podcast? Fantastic. We’ve seen client podcasts bring in lots of additional traffic. But before you jump in, consider a few things that will be expected of you and your podcast for it to be successful.

  1. There will be work involved on your part. Either you or an associate of yours will have to physically appear in it…whether it be just speaking on chosen topics or interviewing guests. If you don’t have time, you can always make the podcast part of a trusted employee’s job, but to keep it real it’s always best to have the expert behind the mike.
  2. The actual production. If you’re the DIY type, you can easily do it with a computer microphone and basic software that’s already on your computer. After that you’ll need to upload it to a podcast hosting site, such as iTunes/Google Play/Spotify.
  3. Do your homework for each episode. Whether that means solving a problem for your listeners on a particular subject or researching an upcoming guest’s background, you’ve got to be prepared in order to engage your listener. Really think about what you want the end result to be when they’ve finished.
  4. Reach your audience. Hosting a podcast is one thing but getting it out there is quite another. Start by placing links to your podcast on your social media profiles, newsletters, website and make it part of your email signature. I like to post a ‘teaser’ snippet before the link to make them curious enough to click.
  5. Keep your audience excited. There’s nothing worse than a boring podcast and believe me, your listeners will click out of it sooner than you can imagine if they start yawning. Everyone’s time is valuable so you’ve got to make it worth theirs. Begin it with and intersperse throughout some uplifting catchy music and, for goodness sake, actually be excited about what you’re saying. There are too many legal podcasts out there that are real snooze-fests. Your enthusiasm is really the ‘make or break’ aspect of a good podcast.

Interested in adding a podcast to your marketing strategy the EZ way? Hire us to make it part of your custom marketing strategy. This way you always can be sure of consistent quality and won’t have to spend your time and energy learning a new set of skills.

We’ve been successfully connecting law firms to new clients for over 20 years.  Contact or call 602.449.0249 today to get started with a customized plan.

Law Graduate Jobs – What are You Doing During COVID?

With our ‘new normal’ the COVID 19 has brought us, recent law graduates are finding that they can actually practice law before taking the Bar exam in some states. Wisconsin, Utah, Washington, and most recently Oregon are allowing in-state graduates to bypass the bar exams, while Minnesota is considering the option. Diploma privilege campaigns are also springing up over the past several weeks in Florida as well as Georgia, Texas, New York, Oregon, and elsewhere. Who knows where this will go. reports that some jobs for incoming associates at law firms have seen their start dates deferred until early 2021. This is what suggests to law graduates as #1 on their list of what to do during this unprecedented time: “Apply for federal, state and local relief efforts available to you. Well, thank you for that temporary solution.

If you were planning to strike out on your own, or maybe now feel you’re now forced to, we may have a solution. During times like these, you may be willing to do some DIY to get your career started. While we offer strategies that can add up to thousands per month, we are also offering an affordable route to recent law graduates who are finding themselves in this conundrum.  So why not let our 24 years of law firm SEO marketing experience get you out of the gate?

If this is a strategy that interests you — or may even excite you — contact us for all of the details. At $149/mo. you just can’t go wrong!


Run From Cheap Law Firm SEO?

Yes, it’s a given that everyone says you should run from cheap law firm SEO. But hold on just a second. While you should certainly run from the ‘cheap’ stuff, can Law Firm SEO actually be affordable?
Well, first let’s distinguish between ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’.


  • We get you into 3,000 search engines for $25 ->Run
  • We promise you #1 on Google for $100 ->Run
  • Back-links to your site from our LinkFarms -> Run Fast!


  • Our low overhead allows us to pass savings on to you -> Hmmm, tell me more.
  • We can educate if you’d like to do it yourself -> Makes sense, go on.
  • We create custom marketing strategies to fit your budget -> Sign me up!

So you see, while you should run from the cheap stuff, you might consider embracing the affordable. (It’s the big expensive SEO companies that say to run from cheap SEO anyway lol)  So why not let our 24 years of law firm SEO marketing experience get you out of the gate at affordable rates?

If this is a strategy that interests you, contact us for all of the details.

Law Firm Marketing Strategies Working Now During the COVID Pandemic

Whether it’s a COVID pandemic, a real estate/stock market crash or even a time of national civil unrest…you can continue to thrive, and sometimes even surpass your business goals during a crisis!

  1. Act Fast. When a crisis, such as the one we’re in now, starts to creep in…get up, maybe even literally. Instead of curling up on the couch in front of the TV during a quarantine, hit your home office hard and get there early. Make sure your solid marketing strategy stays in effect or gets bumped up, make calming reassurance calls to your existing clients and for goodness sake, keep the blogs and social media posts rolling out to show you’re showing up as usual.
  2. Don’t Be Overcome With Fear. Nothing can be more paralyzing than letting the feeling of fear take over. Don’t recognize it, don’t show it and certainly don’t spread it.
  3. Step it Up. Don’t feel defeated if you may have let things slack a bit. Yes, the kids are driving us all crazy being home and bored and the gyms just closed again. But, it’s never too late to change course, no matter what may be happening around us.

We can help you with all of the above. How is it that our current clients are still thriving? Instead of hunkering down on their couches they chose to act in accordance with the above principles. How do I know? When this virus first hit and at-home quarantines came into place I became busier than ever. They filled my Inbox with requests to overhaul their sites with an updated look and kick their SEO strategies up a notch. They chose not to hunker down during a crisis but to take advantage of all the opportunities it presented.
Let the weight of the quarantine 15 slow down your competition, not you!