How to Market Your Law Firm – Part 3

  • Post Blogs. Well if Content is King, what’s the best way to add quality and timely content? By blogging of course. Writing a blog is especially easy because it’s simply you speaking from the hip on your area of expertise. Keep them short, simple and to the point. Your visitors will appreciate it and so will the search engines when they see you care enough about your readers to keep the content coming.
  • Solve Client Problems. As in any profession, lawyers should know what their prospective clients’ biggest problems are. Then capitalize on helping them solve those problems. How you ask? Simple…by addressing the problem and solution as a webpage, a blog post, an FAQ or even as a video or podcast. Once your target audience knows you’re a problem solver, they’ll come running.
  • Show Your Results. Recently win a big case? What’s your track record like? If either of these are in the positive, then let your visitors know about it. A client comes to you not only to get out of trouble but also to win their case.
  • Boast a Little. If you’ve ever been presented with Honors or Awards in your field, there’s nothing wrong with a little boasting. Competition can be fierce, so give your visitors a nudge to hit that Contact button.
  • Are You an OG in Your Field? In my business I’m always front and center about my 20+ years experience in law firm SEO. You should do the same. This goes hand-in-hand with touting your Honors and Awards. These are the things that will set you above all the others and make you the choice for searchers to click on.

How To Market Your Law Firm – Part 2

  • Plenty of Content. It’s not enough to just have quality content, but you’ve got to have plenty of it. When it comes to good content, more is always better. But don’t think a bunch of boring pages will fit the bill. Think pages, articles, blogs and even podcasts.
  • Try PPC advertising to start. As organic SEO providers we do not typically use AdWords; however if you’re just starting out, organic positions take time. If you’re in a hurry for visitors, try testing AdWords in the beginning. If you properly follow all good marketing strategies, the organic positions will start showing up and you won’t need to waste your money on them for long.
  • Invest in good SEO. Good SEO = organic positions…it’s that simple.
  • Reviews. In today’s lifestyle, reviews are where it’s at. I’d never even imagine trying a restaurant for the first time without first checking their online reviews. The kind of experience others have had really does matter. Same goes when hiring a law firm.

We hope our tips to market your law firm have helped. If you need law firm SEO marketing, look no further. We’ve been sending law firms to the top of the search engines since 1996. Contact us now for a custom marketing strategy.

How To Market Your Law Firm – Part 1

Top Law Firm Marketing Strategies

  • Content is King. I hope you’re not sick of hearing me say this (I’ve been doing it for 20+ years) but it still holds true. Good quality content is absolutely essential for your website to grab the attention of the search engines as well as your end user. It’s really the best way to have the search engines place you at the top because, remember, their only goal is to send searchers to the best quality content in response to their query.
  • Geo-targeting. This is especially important for lawyers since you are geographically held to the Bars you belong to.  It also lessens the competition pool. So, by all means make it easier for those in your town/state to find you. It’s also important to market by county since Complaints show the county court your matter will be held in.
  • Practice Area Targeting. It only makes sense to target searchers who are interested in the practice area(s) you focus on. This is where you can really shine. Write blogs, articles or even your own page content on what you know best!
  • Prioritize responding to email contacts. Since this is your marketing’s end prize, make sure you treat it as such. A quick response also lets your proposed client know that you will be responsive to their needs if hired.
  • Use Video to Boost SEO. It’s not enough to post videos on YouTube and hope viewers will click to your site. Embedding the videos from YouTube onto your web pages will not only make the page more enticing, but will also grab the attention of Google. It’s a win-win.

If you need law firm SEO marketing, look no further. We’ve been sending law firms to the top of the search engines since 1996. Contact us now for a custom marketing strategy.

Podcast Marketing for Law Firms – Our Newest Service

Is your law firm ready for podcast marketing?

law firm podcast marketingIt’s our newest service and already successfully garnering top organic positions for our clients. At we’re always finding new ways to make your site interesting and relevant, as well as appeasing the search engines. It is after all, a fine line you need to walk to to make both the search engines and your users interested in what you have to say at your site.

What better way to draw them in than via a podcast of you sharing your expertise on a particular practice area? In addition to adding interest to your site for its users, it also gives us ammunition for additional page content so the search engines take notice as well. We’ve been using techniques such as this for 20+ years now. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our testimonials and then contact us for your custom digital marketing solution.

Lawyer SEO Using Video

Are you interested in lawyer SEO and looking for new and different ways to use video?

lawyer seo video marketingIf so, why not try using a different format for your site’s video instead of the same old boring video profile. We’re talking about video FAQs.

While you may be thinking that we’re suggesting a daunting task, nothing can be further. Gone are the days you’d have to go to a professional videographer for such a finished product. If you can use your phone, you can produce your own video FAQs and leave the rest to us. We can take it from there. We’ve been using this SEO technique for years and it works!

  1. It lets your potential clients get to know you. But instead of watching an introduction video, they actually get to see you answering a valid question;
  2. It’s just an updated way of showing your users you care enough to put the time into making videos to answer their questions;
  3. Most importantly, the way we deploy our question/answer layout gives you an opportunity for additional page content, which the search engines love.

At our lawyer SEO never stands still and gets stale — it hasn’t for the past 23 years. That’s why we’re still here. We’re always finding new ways to use our SEO marketing techniques to actually attract and engage users. That’s the fine line we’ve been walking since 1996. Appease the engines…and appease the potential client.

Law Firm SEO and Video

Lawyer SEO and Analytic Reports

Lawyer SEO or law firm marketing helps grow your traffic and better serve your users. But that’s not where it stops. Would you like to know how many visits your website receives per month? How about knowing which pages are performing the best and getting the most traffic?

Our monthly reports give you that and more. There’s no better way to see how your strategy is working, especially when you can compare the current month’s traffic with the last month’s.

We not only send you these reports on a monthly basis but schedule a conference call with you for open discussion. What’s working; what’s not; and what we need to do moving forward.

Lawyer SEO has been our business since 1996. Contact us to discuss your current marketing and how we can maximize it with our SEO Basics or our Social Media SEO.

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