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How to Use Google’s ‘People Ask’ for your SEO

Thanks for following up on our Podcast Notes! People also ask… DIVORCE: How much does it cost to retain a divorce attorney? How can I afford a divorce lawyer? Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything? How do I keep a divorce lawyer with no money? People also ask… CRIMINAL: What does the criminal lawyer […]

In 2020 Content is STILL King

During a time when business strategies are changing at breakneck speed, I find it so odd that I’m still saying something I’ve been saying as a web marketer for almost 20  years now… CONTENT IS KING. Back when I started out this was true and it holds true today, even more so. In the days […]

How A Crisis Can Drive Growth

As negative as the word ‘crisis’ may sound, I think it can actually serve as a propellant when it comes to your business goals. How? What might be considered the exact opposite of crisis? Comfort. And we all know that comfort can bring complacency…which in a business can all too often lead to a slow […]

Choosing the Best Law Firm SEO Company

Choosing the best SEO marketing company for your law firm can be a daunting task…especially with the massive amount of companies calling themselves law firm marketers. Here’s our list of what you should consider when shopping for your SEO company: Don’t sign a long-term Contract. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a long-term […]

Law Graduate Jobs – What are You Doing During COVID?

With our ‘new normal’ the COVID 19 has brought us, recent law graduates are finding that they can actually practice law before taking the Bar exam in some states. Wisconsin, Utah, Washington, and most recently Oregon are allowing in-state graduates to bypass the bar exams, while Minnesota is considering the option. Diploma privilege campaigns are […]

Run From Cheap Law Firm SEO?

Yes, it’s a given that everyone says you should run from cheap law firm SEO. But hold on just a second. While you should certainly run from the ‘cheap’ stuff, can Law Firm SEO actually be affordable? Well, first let’s distinguish between ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’. Cheap: We get you into 3,000 search engines for $25 […]