Law Firm SEO Coaching

 law firm seo coaching

If you’re ready to take your marketing success into your own hands because you’re just starting out in your law career and simply cannot pay thousands per month… you’ve finally come to the right place. Because here at we offer SOLUTIONS.

Who benefits most from our coaching:

  • Lawyers who are just out of law school without the prospect of a job yet. Starting a law career in our new COVID normal can seem daunting;
  • Those same lawyers above who want to get their practice started and are open to some DIY;
  • Those who want to get into the SEO game but need some guidance and education.

Yes, as always, we’re listening. If you’re in either of the above groups we have a solution that is not only cost effective, but will set you on the path to the success you want and deserve.

What you can expect from our coaching:

  1. We’ll be working together via phone, zoom or video modules;
  2. We will educate you and provide user-friendly materials that guide you along the way;
  3. We’re available to answer questions;
  4. We hand you the reigns to your success.

So don’t wait any longer. If you’re just starting out, our SEO coaching may be just what you need – education, guidance, answers to your questions and materials that literally direct you. Don’t think you can’t be part of the SEO game because you don’t have a BIG FIRM budget. With you can…and at only $149 per session, why wouldn’t you?

Contact us now for more details on our SEO coaching. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 20 years.

Our coaching addresses these questions and provides solutions:

  1. Why is lawyer SEO so expensive?
    OK, now you’ll have to sit down for this one because it’s hard to swallow. Law firm SEO is ridiculously expensive because in addition to paying for SEO you are also paying, in part, for (1) the company’s high rent overhead; (2) the salaries of their in-house experts; and (3) the lawyer(s) who are running the company. I mean they didn’t give up practicing law to make pennies, right?
  2. How much should law firm SEO cost?
    The industry standard is anywhere between $3,000 – $5,500/mo. Yes, SEO work is tedious and lengthy. Even at our SEO starts at $1,200/mo. for Tier 1. That’s because we don’t have high rent overhead; huge salaries of in-house experts; or lawyer(s) who run our business. What we do have is 24 years of SEO marketing experience, exclusively with law firms. However, there is no reason why lawyers just starting out can’t get on the SEO path to their success. So if it’s our cost effective coaching you’re interested in, we have that covered for you as well. We want all lawyers on the web to succeed.
  3. Why is SEO important for law firms?
    Before any marketing strategy can begin for a law firm, you first need to cover the bases with SEO (search engine optimization). Without it your website will just be floating aimlessly on the web without any direction, focus or recognition by the search engines. What once was considered an option has now become the industry norm.